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* 1 new picture added: 27th February 05
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Christmas Angel 1991 (Leah M)
Title Stitcher Comments
Amish Angel (TIAG) Stephanie This darling miniature angel is waiting to become a scissors fob to watch over a dear friend of mine.
Amish Quilt (TIAG) Stephanie Stitched on dove grey Jobelan
Cherub 1996 (M) Debra M This is the only picture I have which has been professionally framed. It hung in my LNS for a long time.
Cherub 1997 (M) WilmaBC Stitched on 32ct platinum linen, using DMC. I omitted the black/green background.
Cherub 1999 (M) Tarjanne Stitched on tea dyed fabric
Cherub 2000 (M) Tarjanne Stitched on tea dyed fabric
* Cherub 2000 (M) WilmaBC Stitched on 32ct platinum linen, with DMC floss and beads
Cherub 2001 (M) Tarjanne Stitched on tea dyed fabric
Cherub 2001 (M) Bobbie No changes other than to correct the FIVE errors I found in the chart!
Cherub 2001 (M) Neris Stitched on natural Aida. I have changed some beads in the crown. The metallic thread in the corners is not the suggested one - I used a sort of opaque antique gold metallic thread.
Cherub (M) Neris Stitched for a round robin with a cherubs theme
Christmas Angel 1987 ladythreads  
Christmas Angel 1987 Debra M I stitched this as a stocking top for one of my daughters for Christmas.
Christmas Angel 1988 WilmaBC  
Christmas Angel 1988 Bobbie I used Kreinik #4 braid in 002HL for the metallic parts and I omitted the Christmas wreath from the angel's head so that it will be suitable for year round display.
Christmas Angel 1989 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1989 Bobbie I used Whisper in the wings
Christmas Angel 1990 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1991 Leah M I used gold Mill Hill beads for the halo rather than French knots.
Christmas Angel 1991 samplergirl Stitched on 28 count country Quaker Cloth
Christmas Angel 1992 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1992 Bobbie I used B5200 on the wings rather than white
Christmas Angel 1993 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1995 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1995 Karen V in England Stitched on cream perforated paper
Christmas Angel 1996 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1996 Christina  
Christmas Angel 1997 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1997 samplergirl Stitched on 25 count white Lugana 1 over 1 & made into an ornament
Christmas Angel 1997 ladythreads Finished as an ornament
Christmas Angel 1997 Bobbie  
Christmas Angel 1998 Debra M  
Christmas Angel 1998 Karen V in England I omitted the word Peace
Christmas Angel 1999 Joke N  
Christmas Angel 1999 Georgia I reversed the image of this and stitched it onto a piece of vintage fabric. I then turned it into an envelope and mailed it as Mailart to my friend in Cyprus.
Christmas Angel 2000 ladythreads  
Christmas Angel 2000 Stacey Two versions, in different colours
Christmas Angel 2000 Cha Instead of using the colors supplied I used a variation of greens, with red and gold.
Christmas Angel 2001 ladythreads  
Christmas Angel 2001 amymarissa On 32 ct mulberry Belfast linen, made color and fiber changes, plan to frame it
Christmas Angel 2001 Kirsten Finished as a bellpull
Christmas Angel 2002 Neris Stitched on ivory linen
Christmas Angel 2002 AmyS This was a quick, fun and pretty design to stitch.  I made a few substitutions, but nothing major.
Christmas Angel 2002 Sara_laughs I left off the halos and substituted a few things.  I loved using the Rainbow Gallery Petite Braids. Stitched on 32 ct. Parchment Jobelan.
Christmas Angel 2003 joanne73 I stitched it on 32ct flax linen
Christmas Angel 2003 Cindy The fabric is 25ct. light teal evenweave, the metallic thread is Nordic Gold and I've used Mill Hill beads 02016 and 03049 instead of what was called for.
Holiday Prayer (M) Juanita  
In Cupid's Garden (M) Tarjanne Stitched on self-dyed evenweave
Madonna 1994 (TIAG) estitch Stitched on slightly UNevenweave
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