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21st January 2006

Hello, patient stitchers and freebie-lovers! As I'm sure you've noticed, the gaps between updates on this site are getting longer and longer - ridiculously so! It has become clear to me that the time has come for me to say goodbye, and give my full attention to other things. So I've done one last update, and am calling it a day.

It's wonderful to know that so many of you have enjoyed visiting this site over and over again. Many thanks to those of you (and there are plenty of you) who have taken the time to send me your comments and suggestions, and particularly huge thanks to everyone who has contributed pictures of your finished freebies to inspire our fellow stitchers.

Running this site has been an interesting and worthwhile experience for me, but one that must now come to a close. I won't be removing the site from the web - it will stay here as long as Tripod allows it to - I just won't be adding anything more to it.

One last favourite to show off on the front page - even though I'm not an avid Shepherd's Bush fan, this design, stitched by Carol UK, really appeals to me, and I fully agree with its sentiment!


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Thank you, Linda

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